About CPX

At CPX, we are committed to excellence, not by the words we speak but by the actions we take to ensure patient safety, high standards of care, and excellent customer service. 
Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide services that exceed the "community standards of care" in a safe, comfortable & friendly environment. We are relentless in our efforts to create and maintain a safe and service oriented working environment for our medical professionals, patients and co-workers. We respect and value those that have a voice and become advocates for those that do not. We value our co-workers and those that we serve but we insist that we treat one another with professionalism and respect. Our pursuit of excellence shall not overshadow our appreciation for results and positive outcomes, thus we will work every day to exceed expectations and fulfill our obligations while we take time to recognize those that help us achieve our goals.
As an Ambulatory Surgical Center(ASC) we are required and prepared to assist Maricopa County and the State of Arizona's Emergency Preparedness and Response Centers, in the event of a disaster. We keep additional supplies on hand and conduct drills on a regular basis to ensure that the facility and staff are prepared in the event of an emergency.
Welcome to Central Phoenix Surgical Center. Our warm inviting reception & patient waiting area.

OR - Complete with 9900 Series C-Arm and Marko Med Anesthesia Machine to ensure the highest levels of safety and care.

Recovery Area - 3 Beds & Equipment to monitor & recover Patients.
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